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Accounting company  “Advisera” provides services – accounting services and support companies in various sectors of the economy, which is produced by professional accountants in our company. Accounting company  “Advisera” is an independent organization and is accountable to its customers. All employees of the company – a highly qualified (having qualified accountant, financier, economist), who constantly improve their skills. Therefore Accounting company “Advisera” guarantees a serious attitude to each order, and the project client, all the requirements. Specialists who provide accounting services, all work is done on time in accordance with applicable law, ensuring the objectivity and impartiality of cooperation.

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    Naudojamės UAB Adviseros  paslaugomis  ir esame labai patenkinti mūsų bendradarbiavimu. Mes jauna įmone, todėl turime priimti daug esminių sprendimų. Džiaugiamės galimybe gauti vertingų patarimų iš savo ...